About Our Services

< Select Field > is a full service creative studio and online consultancy based in Sydney + Melbourne, Australia. Through combined skills and collaborative thinking, we weave compelling brand experiences that deliver real-world results.

Mobile + Web

Whether we’re developing simple, one-page websites or complex e-commerce operations, we build elegant online experiences that drive customer relationships and conversion.

Content Creation

We work closely with you to design a powerful online presence based on digital strategy that is seamless, actionable and results-driven.

Identity Design

At Select Field, we combine creativity and communication skills to create an identity that reflects your ambitions and brings your brand story to life.

Digital Strategy

From words, video and animation to audio, graphics and photography, we offer content creation services that drive brand awareness and engage your customers in meaningful ways.

Our Team

Select Field brings together a group of talented individuals who are more than just their job description, we like to wear different hats and have diverse creative interests. We are all firm believers that it is the collaboration that counts and enjoy nothing more than drawing on the pool of talent from the co-working space we share with copywriters, film makers, animators and producers. We like to call it agility, but sometimes we think we're just lucky.

Jonathon Miller photograph

Jonathon Miller

Jonathon is founding director of Select Field as well as independent Sydney record label Broken Stone Records, and Bit Trade Australia. He is a natural communicator and brings a passion for the arts and music to his work as digital strategist for Select Field. Jonathon has expert hands-on knowledge of web & mobile design and development and brings an infectious enthusiasm to every project. He has over 7 years experience managing and creating digital communication strategies and is driven to ensure that every client achieves their digital goals.

Ulysses Oliver photograph

Ulysses Oliver

Ulysses is a founding director of Select Field and has over 14 years experience in developing web enabled applications, is a film producer and runs the Sandfly short film festival. He has managed complex development projects with large teams both in Australia and Internationally and has a proven record of accomplishment in delivering successful multimedia solutions. Ulysses is a Sun Certified java developer and is an expert problem solver, before joining forces to start Select Field, Ulysses ran his own multimedia production house specialising in film production, content creation and website development for small businesses.

Photograph of Benjamin Maher

Benjamin Maher

Benjamin is founding director of Select Field, specialises in user experience design and likes to write fuzzy-guitar pop songs in his spare time. He is driven by a desire to communicate ideas and has been designing for and managing creative studios for more than 10 years. Benjamin has a knack for creating effortless solutions with an emphasis on client satisfaction, he has a wide understanding digital technologies and is an expert at creating efficient systems using best practice methodology. In 2014 Benjamin expanded Select Field to establish the Melbourne studio.

David Factor

Dave brings more than just his 7+ years of design experience to the Select Field table, with an honours degree in Sociology at the University of Sydney he see’s the big picture and dedicates one day a week to the Subundo project – an innovative research tool for people who want answers.

Steve West

Steve has worked across Select Field’s largest development project, Tennis Insights, a 10,000+ active member community and is an expert in the major web languages. He has a keen interest in basketball and is training up in other back-end frameworks in his spare time.

Sarah Hardy

Sarah is a recent graduate of Billy Blue and works across several of our ongoing projects for the health industry. She is a bright spark and brings a welcome breath of youth exuberance to the team with her healthy understanding of animation and a passion for film.

Our Clients