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In for the long haul

Case Study: The Planthunter

Our favourite thing to do is work with a brand from the very beginning, from when that first seed is planted, and to watch it grow. The Planthunter has a special place in our heart and we are proud to have been a part of its journey. A careful consideration for the the reader and respect for their curiosity pervades the philosophy of The Planthunter, an online magazine devoted to celebrating plants and the varied ways humans interact with them. It is with this spirit that we helped The Planthunter craft their online experience and tailor this experience for their very open minded and wide-eyed readership.

Be everywhere at once

Cross Platform Flexibility: Web, EDM, Social

The Planthunter team speak to their audience across a wide variety of devices and we helped them to keep their stunning content looking its best by responding to the scale and orientations. This approach has helped them to become a favourite of Australia's most popular design blog The Design Files. From their website through to EDM campaigns, facebook, twitter and instagram, The Planthunter engage in a seamless conversation with their readership, engaging them in cross-platform and cross-medium conversations that are fluid and trackable.

A top down view

Analytics, SEO, Stability, Monetisation

The Planthunter is a growing concern for people with an avid interest in well... plants, and everything connected with them. We consulted to the Planthunter on their digital venture and helped them build from the ground up whilst providing a top down view of all aspects of their online business. From Information Technlogy to Search Engine Optimisation, analytic tracking and monetisation solutions.

Keeping it simple

User Experience Design

We worked with The Planthunter to visualise the exerperiences of casual and regular users. We ensured that visitors can nagivate with ease by getting the structure right from the begining.