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At Select Field, we combine creativity and communication skills to create an identity that reflects your ambitions and brings your brand story to life.


The Craft Of Consideration

An Iterative Approach

We believe that the best outcomes are not a result of moments of individual brilliance, but rather the end product of a considered and methodical set of engagements with the client. We like to take your ideas, our ideas and send them through a loopy theatre of interrogation. Welcome to our world!

Refine your presence

Logo + typography

Case study: Live Music Office

The Live Music Office was established by the Federal Government in partnership with APRA AMCOS to review the impact of policy frameworks on the Australian live music sector and works to increase opportunities for live music in Australia by identifying and advocating for better policy, regulation and strategy. We were engaged to create an identity that speaks to their several audiences and stakeholders both public and private, and to brand their digital and physical presence in forums as diverse as the local pub to Parliament House.

Clear visual language

Iconography + Illustration

Case study: Sounds Australia

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA’s guiding principle and purpose is to provide a foundation and infrastructure support system to assist artists to build and sustain their international careers by developing market event initiatives and promotion.From acoustic Q&As to lunchtime gigs, electronic music warehouse events and the world famous 12hr Aussie music marathon "The Aussie BBQ", complete with sausage sizzle, we worked with Sounds Australia to build a family of unique identities for their various international showcases that communicates the essence of each event with individualised thematic twists.