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Digital for not-for-profits + social enterprises

The most successful organisations have a meaningful online presence. The close knit Select Field team is passionate about not-for-profit and social enterprise projects. We love to demonstrate our commitment by helping not-for-profits and social enterprises make the most of digital opportunities that are increasingly easy to explore.

Contact Ben Maher via or +61 402 215 216

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Not-for-profit + social enterprise specialists

Ben Maher is Select Field’s Melbourne based not-for-profit specialist who has driven projects with The Keir Foundation, Australia Russia Dialogue, The Live Music Office and Sounds Australia. This follows in-house roles as a web coordinator for FBi Radio and Metro Screen. Select Field continue to work with Australian Lawyers For Human Rights, Sounds Australia, APRA, The Live Music Office, and Import Ants on a variety of intriguing projects for mobile devices and desktop computers.
Australia Lawyers for Human Rights website on desktop computer and smartphone

Digital strategy for saving time + money online

Discover the best value use of your resources online to fundraise, engage, and educate. We are helping the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights to receive donations, gain members, educate their audience through flexible website designs for desktop computers, tablets, smartphones. The website is supported by matching email newsletters and embedded social media to maximise the reach of the organisation.
Keir Foundation website on desktop computer and smartphone

Mobile + desktop friendly websites

Get a custom design that lets people interact with your website easily on computers, tablets and phones. The Keir Foundation website needs to show the work of new and emerging practitioners across art forms so we have created an engaging experience across devices. The content is easily added to showcase the latest artist work.