Thank you for a terrific 2014 from the Select Field team.

The whole Select Field team would like to wish you a restful holiday period and happy new year! We’ve had a terrific 2014 thanks to you and your continued collaboration and interest in our ideas and services.

It’s day 1 of Movember. That means the beard had to go but I got to have a bit of fun with it along the way.

Beard 1 : Hippie

Hippy Beard

Beard 2 : Deron Williams

Deron Williams Beard


Beard 3: LeBron James / Abe Lincoln

LeBron James beard


Beard 4: Fred Durst

Fred Durst beard

Beard animation

Here at Select Field we have a few beards. Benjamin is the first to sign up to lose his for Movember. Benjamin has opened the donations with a $200 donation of his own. Add yours now.

Come and work with some creative businesses in the heart of Newtown.
Ideal for writers, developers, designers, film makers, freelancers, headphone wearers.

Single desk spaces for $66 per week (incl GST)
– Shared meeting room
– Kitchen
– Bathrooms
– ADSL 2+ internet
– 1 month short term leases available